AI Digital Education Large Model
AI Engine
OOOK AI Engine is an exceptional and versatile tool that amalgamates cutting-edge audio and video processing capabilities with the power of AI technologies. Its diverse functionalities, including transcription, translation, speech synthesis, noise reduction, image enhancement, emotion recognition, and safety analysis, all contribute to creating a more effective and secure educational environment.
Audio Transcription and Translation
Through cutting-edge speech recognition technology, it converts audio into text, offering automated transcription services. Additionally, by integrating natural language processing technology, it can even translate the audio into other languages, facilitating multilingual teaching.
Speech Synthesis
Leveraging advanced speech synthesis technology, it transforms written text into natural and fluent speech, significantly enhancing the efficiency of learning and teaching..
Audio Enhancement and Restoration
By utilizing noise reduction, noise removal, and audio quality restoration techniques, it significantly improves the clarity and quality of audio content..
Video Content Analysis
Harnessing image recognition and video analysis technology, it performs comprehensive content analysis and recognition on videos. Notably, it can identify any abnormal, excessive, or hazardous movements of teachers or students and automatically issue alerts, thereby enhancing the safety of teaching and learning environments..
Video Image Processing
Employing state-of-the-art image processing techniques, it enhances, restores, and adjusts colors in video images, resulting in improved video quality and an enhanced viewing experience.
Speech Emotion Recognition
Through sophisticated speech analysis and emotion recognition technology, it accurately identifies the emotional state of the speaker, encompassing emotions such as anger, joy, anxiety, and more. These analysis results can be visualized on a teaching and learning data platform, providing valuable data support for administrators.