About Hybri U
Ambow Education Holding Ltd. (NYSE: AMBO) envisions a future where education transcends boundaries. They believe that education should not be limited to online or offline, language or region, or academic or industry-specific domains. Instead, Ambow Education promotes the idea of AI-driven digital and hybrid learning as the future of education. HybriU's AI digital education solution offers a comprehensive approach to universities and colleges, empowering them to transform from traditional education to AI digital education and hybrid education. The HybriU AI digital education platform is the first fully integrated, interactive, and seamless online and offline instruction platform designed specifically for the education industry. It provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology services to professors and instructors, enabling them to conduct AI digital and hybrid education sessions.
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Hybri U Technology
AI Digital Education Large Model
OOOK AI Digital Education Large Model is a system that utilizes artificial intelligence technology and big data analysis methods to provide intelligent support and services in the education field. It combines various technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, knowledge graph, and visual processing to drive advancements in teacher development, student learning, and educational transformation.
AI Engine
OOOK AI Engine is an exceptional and versatile tool that amalgamates cutting-edge audio and video processing capabilities with the power of AI technologies. Its diverse functionalities, including transcription, translation, speech synthesis, noise reduction, image enhancement, emotion recognition, and safety analysis, all contribute to creating a more effective and secure educational environment.
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Hybiru brings global students borderless education
Ambow Education Holding Ltd. (NYSE: AMBO) is a leading provider of educational software...
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